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Daily Bull 2.24.14

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WOOO Monday. Lots of excitement in Aggieland this weekend, with buzzer-beating shots and walk-off game-winning home runs and other stuff, but I'll leave it to those in attendance to go into more detail. The basketball recap is up and keep an eye out for the baseball one as well. Oh yeah. Johnny, Jake, and Mike had a pretty good weekend too. It turns out Mike Evans is fast!

"Sunglasses smiley, football, 100, dog, dog pawprints." That means "Kevin Sumlin got another 2015 commit yesterday, a 4-star DB." Looks like Junior Day was a success.

Learn how to use the Internet, genius. Yes, you can and should get fired for things like this if you are an assistant athletic director at a BCS school.

WAFFLE HOUSE WIRE. What sort of news took place in the SEC's unofficial restaurant this past week?

  • STOP IT YOU ARE WORKING TOO EFFICIENTLY. Waffle House: where working too fast will get your ass punched out. One quarter of a waffle because that's the bare minimum rating and this is pathetic.
  • Update: sentencing. This, from 2012, is one of the more violent Waffle House crimes I've encountered, and it's fortunate no one was injured. A sawed-off shotgun, required DNA testing, and a 45-year sentence will get you the complete waffle rating, though.

Have a great Monday and week, all.