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Matthews, Manziel and Evans Compete at the 2014 NFL Combine

Jake Matthews, Johnny Manziel, and Mike Evans competed this weekend at the 2014 NFL Combine. All three excelled and wowed both real and internet scouts. How does this weekend affect their stock for the NFL Draft?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Three Aggies stole the show at the first two days of the 2014 NFL Combine held in Indianapolis.

Here are all the results from the various testings:


*Note all times are "official".  Blanks were not available at time of publishing

Johnny Manziel


Manziel had a limited combine workout, only doing some testing such as the 40 yard dash but not throwing with the other QBs.  Many were focused on Manziel's 40 time in which he posted a 4.68 officially.  This time is comparable to other top QBs in recent years such as Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, and Andrew Luck.

(via Andris Apelian)

The NFL Network uses a simulcam to match Manziel's 40 yard dash with Newton, Kaepernick, and Luck.  Manziel comes in last.


The biggest buzz around Manziel would be how he conducted interviews with various teams during the weekend.  We know that Manziel interviewed with the Texans, Cowboys, Raiders, and Vikings.  He more than likely also interviewed with the Browns and Jaguars and possibly others as well.

Here is Johnny's media session at the combine --

(via EverythingForSports)


Like Mike Evans and Jake Matthews, Johnny came out and did what he had to do to show that he deserves to be selected in the Top 10 of this draft.  Johnny wasn't going to do anything to really blow anyone away in terms of workout because he had decided not to throw.  However, the major thing Manziel did do was confirm he is very serious about becoming a leader of a franchise at the next level by the way he conducted himself the entire weekend in the media availability session and individual team interviews.  Maybe some of the character assassinations can now end and teams will stop reading the headlines and start focusing in on the real Johnny Manziel.

Ranger's Top 5 QBs After Combine:

1) Manziel
2) Bridgewater
3) Bortles
4) McCarron
5) Carr

Mike Evans


All eyes were on Mike Evans and his 40 time at the combine.  There were a wide range of predictions on what he might run from low 4.4 all the way to 4.7 due to his 6'5" and 230 pound frame.  Mike ended up running a rough 4.50 on his first attempt after failing to get off to a good start.  He came back and ran a better time of 4.47 in his second attempt.  That time was recorded officially at 4.53.


After his 40 time, all eyes were on Mike Evans as he went through the wide receiver workout.  And he owned it.


Coming into the combine the consensus seemed to be Sammy Watkins was the best among the wide receivers and everyone after him was in some random order.  Now, I'd say Mike Evans will challenge Watkins to be the first receiver drafted and is clearly at least the 2nd best at the position in this draft.  Evans really opened some eyes during his position workout and was head and shoulders above everyone else in his group.  I think people are finally beginning to realize how good Evans is with his feet and technique.  With limited experience, he only projects to become so much better. Should now be a Top 10 pick.

Ranger's Top 5 WRs After Combine: 

1) Watkins
2) Evans
3) Cooks
4) Beckham
5) Benjamin

Jake Matthews


Jake Matthews did well to average in most of testing that took place including the 40 yard dash.  Jake posted an official number of 5.07, but that number doesn't mean much for offensive lineman.  Instead, it is the 10 yard split (first 10 yards) that is critical.  The average among offensive lineman is 1.8, and Jake posted a 1.7 which is exceptional of an offensive lineman.  Jake was even more impressive in the on field drills, where he showcased how smooth he is in his hips and sound footwork.



Jake had a solid combine.  For him, there wasn't anything that he could do to really push him up draft boards since he was already there.  All he could do was show everyone his hype is real and that is exactly what he did.  Unfortunately there was another SEC offense tackle at the combine, Auburn's Greg Robinson, who created even more buzz in Indianapolis with his workout.  Yet another offensive tackle who helped himself putting him in the Top 10 conversation was Michigan's Taylor Lewan.  These three tackles are now grouped together at the top of the draft and at least two if not all three should be solid Top 10 picks.  The trend for a while now has been Greg Robinson passing Jake as the top tackle in the draft, and I think Robinson will be in fact the first off the board.  Jake should be solid at #2.

Ranger's Top 5 OL After Combine:

1) Robinson
2) Matthews
3) Lewan 
4) Martin 
5) Bitonio

And finally a post-combine Top 10 --

Ranger's Top 10 After Combine

1) Clowney 
2) Robinson
3) Watkins
4) Mack 
5) Manziel
6) Matthews
7) Evans
8) Bridgewater 
9) Lewan 
10) Ebron