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Daily Bull 2.21.14

Jason Miller

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ROLLED TIDE. The MBB team came out on national TV last night and put together a hell of a game, building on a one point halftime lead to cruise to a 15-point win. Up next? Oh, just Tennessee on Saturday oh great. WBB took out Ole Miss last night and host Kentucky on Sunday in a top 15 matchup.

Mr. Football, please take the city of Cleveland more seriously. Your cavalier attitude may fool the working joes up there, but not this ESPN reporter. How dare you give a canned answer to a canned question that you'll be asked two hundred times over the next couple of months, sir.

No, Bret. No. This is actually pretty very shitty on the part of the Arkansas coach. Invoking an unrelated tragedy to suit your interpretation of the need for a rule change is not going to help your case.

GO USA BEAT CANADA. There is so much at stake here.

Your guide to watch here.

Happy Friday, y'all.