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Daily Bull 2.18.14

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#TREESON. The internet was afire last night with the news that someone decided it was acceptable to carve their initials into the Century Tree like a five year-old. Although the culprits have not been found yet, early reports do indicate that "Harvey Updyke" contains neither a "C" nor an "L", at least when spelled correctly. I have compiled my early list of suspects:

  • Colin Cowherd loves Legos
  • Chip Brown loves Legitimate sources
  • Clock management loves Les
  • Cane's loves Layne's

HE'S TOO SHORT DON'T DRAFT HIM. #2 had some nice things to say about Russell Wilson's success surrounding the hype of the NFL MEASURABLES department. He also felt the need to say this:

I’m going to measure 6 feet — I’m 72 inches on the dot,” Manziel said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “If they want to try to jump on my shoulders and squish me down, it’s not going to be any less than that.”

I think this is actually one of the jobs available at the NFL Combine and there is a waiting list full of NFL scouts. Spencer Hall nails this phenomenon, as he usually does.

I...huh? Can we stop this game at some point, or at least until the football season is nearly over? For real, Dallas Morning News. Kevin Sumlin won't be coaching the Cowboys in the next couple of years.

Winter Games. Does anyone else remember this primitive video game? I logged hours of this thing on my dad's old Epson machine in the late '80s/early '90s Olympic window. I loved that you could only choose from 17 countries, including noted Winter Olympics powerhouses Ireland and Mexico.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, all.