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Valentine's Daily Bull

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GIVE THE GIFT OF DIAMONDS. Baseball diamonds. Because it's Valentine's Day and also baseball starts today and it's Friday and the puns are all garbled by now. It's like Christmas for the baseball crowd, so safe travels for all those headed to Olsen. And if you haven't done so yet, check out the season previews (parts 1 and 2) over here.

HOT HAND HOOPS. As you've seen already this morning, both basketball teams are coming off conference wins heading into the weekend. The men travel to Nashville to take on Vandy on Saturday, and the women will be in Tuscaloosa on Sunday to roll over that tide amirite.

Johnny Manziel: inconsistent quarterback or terrible quarterback? You decide. There are plenty of NFL Draftbots out there making their valiant opinions known to aid you, sharing their insight with phrases like "he may be a victim of his ability to make plays."

Valentine's revisited. Last year we tried to help EZ find a Valentine. We hope it helped in some way.