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Daily Bull 2.13.14

Go Team USA.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

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WITHOUT RULES SOCIETY IS CHAOS. Yet, somehow the NCAA can find ways to make things more chaotic the more authoritarian they become. The NCAA Football Rules Committee is meeting. The Good: this whole targeting quagmire is being revamped. The Bad: coaches of slow football teams are trying to make football fit their pace. I think Saban has MADE MEN on the Rules Committee. The goal? Make football as soulless, utilitarian, and glacial as humanly possible.

NO REALLY. You could get a delay of game penalty for going too quickly in 2014. Coach YESSIR will not stand for such nonsense.

DUDE HOOPS BEATS LSU. The fellas got their first W over LSU as a member of the SEC with a 83-73 victory last night at Reed. The bench play was the story with the Ags' reserves outscoring LSU's 33-4. A trip to Vandy awaits on Saturday.

THE REPLACEMENTS. There are going to be some massive shoes to fill across the SEC West in 2014 - particularly in Aggieland. Saturday Down South looks at who is poised to step up in replacing the likes of #2, Evans, and Matthews.

THIS IS JEOPARDY! Aggie junior and apprentice of the Fletcher Massie School of Haberdashery Tucker Pope is going to test those smarts in the annual Jeopardy! College Championships airing today. I'll follow my ritual of incorrectly shouting answers with the conviction of 1000 flaming suns from the comfort of my couch. Good bull, Tucker.

MISC. Gal hoops plays Georgia tonight. There is baseball this weekend! Team USA Hockey is beating the piss out of Slovakia as this is being typed. As an American and a hockey player myself, this pleases me.

Have a top notch Thursday, Ags. Gig 'em, and be the ball.