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Daily Bull 2.11.14

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Johnny No-Throw. In another selfish "me-first" move, Johnny Manziel has elected not to throw for NFL scouts at the A&M Pro Day on March 5, opting instead to hold his own event on campus on March 27th instead. This type of behavior will surely send him plummeting down the clipboards of dozens of "NFL draft experts" who have no time for such showboating. 

Good Bull, Tellus. Former A&M TE Martellus Bennett was named Bear of the Year in Chicago last night . He gave a shout out to Aggies around the 5:00 mark of his speech, in which he talked about his work with March of Dimes, among a variety of other things.

#8 Saturday Down South counts down the top 25 players in the SEC from 2013, with Jake Matthews landing at #8 and joining Mike Evans in the top 10. I wonder if we'll have any other guys up there can't wait to find out.

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