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Daily Bull 2.10.14

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And away. We. Go. The men's basketball team fell again on the road against Georgia on Saturday, and your complete recap is here. If nothing else, skip to the "Overall Impressions" section and scope out those stats. Wow. The women, on the other hand, knocked off #14 LSU at home yesterday. jimhu's recap will be rolling out soon.

Perhaps there is a solution. Looks like Johnny and Mike are practicing their dunking in their down time out in California. And even though there is video proof that JF is not so great at layups, there's also proof that he can dunk.

WAFFLE HOUSE WIRE. In an effort to fill space keep you entertained, we will be bringing you colorful events each Monday as needed pertaining to our favorite non-Bryan/College Station restaurant.

  • Man shot in leg. Let's see: Florida? Check. Altercation in parking lot? Check. 2:35 on a Sunday morning? Check. I give this one 4/4 waffle quarters. Possibly the prototypical Waffle House crime.
  • Armed robbery attempt. Apart from the foresight used in bringing bolt cutters for the lock to the office and the 4:45 AM strike time, this was completely botched. $40 from the till and a cell phone is all they made off with, and the police used the cell phone's tracking device to catch them. Pathetic. 1/4 waffle, and that's being generous.

Merry Monday. And if for some reason you're into listening to bloggers sing karaoke, here's a collection of the Iowa guys' greatest hits.