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Here we are, once more around.

can't touch this
can't touch this
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Fitting that this absurd roller-coaster that got kicked off on a Thursday night in August is now lurching to a halt at lunchtime on a Monday some four months later. We've seen a little bit of it all this season and we've sure as hell been through the ringer. But you can't sit there and tell me that you won't miss it after today.

West Virginia's just...West Virginia. There's not a single scrap of history there, but that shouldn't stop us from realizing that we need this win heading into the off-season, all sporting cliches aside. If there's a team that has been streakier than us, it's them, so here's to the team grabbing the early momentum and somehow wrestling it down to the nice new turf of the Liberty Bowl. Beat the Hell outta this season and move on.

So grab your sandwich/pizza/lunchable/bbq/breakfast (for the late risers), fire up your big screen/small-screen in the corner of the office/computer/mobile device, and enjoy/tolerate/suffer through one more game of Aggie Football this year. Purge everything, scrape your soul clean, and get set to start the whole gut-wrenching process over again over the next eight months.

Gig 'em.

Aggies 44, Mountaineers 37.