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Daily Bull 12.13.14

"Maaaaalllzahnnnnn!" *Shakes fist*

Will Muschamp after a win against Vanderbilt? Auburn you're so lucky.
Will Muschamp after a win against Vanderbilt? Auburn you're so lucky.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Muswho? Apparently, Auburn hired a new DC last night? I'm not sure, it's not like we've been paying attention to coaches recently. We have cool things to do and when I find out what cool people do instead of obsess over the hiring of coaches and making wild speculation by looking at flights booked out of Easterwood airport, then I'll let you know what we're up to. But seriously, good for you, Will Muschamp. Thanks for going to an SEC school that we didn't lose to this year.

Basketball double header! At 1:30 pm the undefeated Women's team is slotted to play the University of Houston Cougars at Reed with the game being shown on SEC Network+ and hopefully will notch up their winning streak to eleven games. Oh and if you stay too long at the Women's game, distracted from the high elation you have from that win, the Men's team will come out and play Youngstown State at 4 pm also on SEC Network+. Reed Arena currently has an undefeated home court advantage this year, so be glad that one of our venues still holds the magic you oh-so believe in.

With Will gone, our finger is still on the pulse of the defensive coordinator watch. We haven't resorted to sifting through carelessly abandoned trash cans...yet. But never doubt that we are spending enough time obsessing so you won't have to, but you're welcome to join in.