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Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator Search Notes: Bud Foster Watch (12/11/14)

There is lots of smoke surrounding Bud Foster and the Texas A&M defensive coordinator vacancy. And on the internet, where there's smoke... well, sometimes it's just smoke.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Foster, Virginia Tech

This report from the Aggie blog Just Wait Til Next Season stirred up a lot of conversation last night. You may recognize the author "beergut" who ran the former A&M blog on SBNation. The post indicates that two sources stated an agreement had been reached between Texas A&M and Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster.

There has also been plenty of discussion about Bud Foster's pay because USAToday released a list of assistant coach salaries and Foster was the highest paid. As we reported last week, $800K of his $1.37 million in pay this season was from a one-time annuity agreed to in 2010.

No coaching search is complete without Flight Aware rumors, and user aeroag14 spotted this flight from College Station to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional airport. The user also pointed out that the same plane was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area around the time Kevin Sumlin was meeting with five-star linebacker prospect Malik Jefferson (Mesquite, TX).

Foster Flight Aware

Will Muschamp, former Florida Head Coach

Talk of Will Muschamp coming to Texas A&M has cooled considerably over the past several days. There is now talk of interest from the Houston Cougars for a head coaching spot.

Auburn and South Carolina are both still in pursuit of Muschamp's services.