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Let's get Thankful

Les had a lonely but interesting childhood
Les had a lonely but interesting childhood
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The food table has been plowed through, awkward family conversations have been endured or avoided, and you've hopefully managed to isolate yourself and any other football-minded individuals in a suitable location for game-watching.

Remember when it was August and we were miserable and ready for football to begin? Well, that was about 3 months ago and today is the last go we'll have in the regular season. It flew by, as it always does, and we're left with a brutal matchup with a squad that's just as confused and frustrated as we are, then a month of frenzied speculation and rumors leading up to our bowl.

Let's be thankful that we're going bowling, that we have had some great games this season to counter the not-so-great ones, and especially that we have a chance to establish an identity tonight. Thanks, Coach Sumlin, and thank you team.

Now go kick some ass.

(As always, let's avoid the coaching HR discussions. That's what December's for. This is our last game, so let's enjoy it.)