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Blog talkin' with those animals over at And The Valley Shook

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We got loose with our chums over at And the Valley Shook - SB Nation's LSU site. We answered some football questions for them and some rando questions as well.

GBH: Don't y'all have another Australian punter? Will he play any quarterback?

ATVS: We do in fact! Jamie Keehn is no Brad Wing, but he's pretty good for the most part. Although his spirit animal does appear, at times, to be the shankapotamus. 

GBH: Does Fournette devour the entire turkey, bones and all?

ATVS: Only if the turkey is #SUSPECT.

GBH: Has the decision to hold your offense's film sessions in Carcosa been helpful?

ATVS: Oh God, if this all the struggles this season to help LSU have some sort of spiritual revelation...I mean...there are just so many bushes around that you could burn guys. It didn't have to be this way.../sobs.

GBH: Do Louisianians eat anything unique on Thanksgiving?

ATVS: Well, we damn sure like to fry things, so the turkeys rarely catch a break. In my family, we're particularly fond of oyster dressing, which we have a recipe for here at ATVS. I mean...a couple cups of onions and bell peppers browned in several pounds of margine and butter...what's not to like? Your arteries won't harden themselves.

Cookin' ATVS Style, Holiday Edition: New Orleans Oyster ...

And the Valley Shook shows you how to prepare a New Orleans Thanksgiving/Holiday staple -- Oyster Dressing.

View on www.andthevalleysho...

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GBH: Which players on the LSU defense should we keep an eye on?

ATVS: The tackles, sophomore Christian LaCouture and freshman Davon Godchaux, have really stepped up in the last few weeks. Looks like they'll be a force next year. Sophomore Kendell Beckwith has really stepped up at middle linebacker, although I'm not sure he'll have a lot of chances to make plays in this game, given A&M's running game. Watch out for safety Jamal Adams as well. He's kind of been a Swiss Army knife in the defensive backfield against spread teams.

GBH: What's your prediction for the game?

ATVS: I'm not one for score predictions, but I like this matchup for LSU overall. A&M can't stop the run, and that's...basically all we do. And the LSU defense has been hell for one-dimensional offenses, and I'm not sure the Aggies can run the ball well enough to balance out Kyle Allen. Motivation is going to be the key. LSU was clearly disinterested against Arkansas two weeks ago, and it's not the first time we've seen that after losses to Alabama. Hopefully the bye week gave this group time to decompress a bit and reset themselves to close the season out.