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Daily Bull 11.23.14

There were great wins and spectacular losses in SEC Football yesterday, and we had neither. Let's put this bye week to bed.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I got a fever. And the cure is more SEC Basketball. The Men's team plays their third game in Puerto Rico at 1:00pm on ESPNU. Good news, everybody! Tonny Trocha-Morelos has been made eligible this season starting today. Keep it here for your postgame write-up later today.

All hail the Queens of Spandex. Your Fightin' Texas Aggie Volleyball team is sparring against the Mizzou Tigers in Reed at 3:00pm on the SEC Network. Is there SEC Volleyball fever? There should be, at least a good kind of fever, as A&M closes out its regular season. It's senior day and with a match-up against the 2013 SEC champion, it's sure to be a good game.

Are you treading? Cause if you aren't at Ellis or watching SEC Network+ at 1:30 pm, you might be treading. The Fightin' Texas Aggie, SEC Champion, Top Ranked Soccer team is planning on dominating the measly #4 Irish of Notre Dame. Read up on the team with Jason Z here to get you into the spirit of things. We expect the loudest and proudest to be at Ellis and bring all your friends. BTHO Notre Dame!