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Daily Bull 11.12.14

"Take this job and shove it I ain't workin' here no more / My woman done left and took all the reason I was working for / You better not try and stand in my way / Cause I'm walkin', out the door / Take this job and shove it I ain't working here no more." - Johnny Paycheck

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

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TAILGATIN'. It's Wednesday, so naturally you got your kickass internet tome in the form of THE TAILGATE this morning.

PRESSER STUFF. Members of the football program spoke with credentialed journos yesterday (not us). Pretty amazing how a close win can alter everyone's fussy moods. Anyway, Telco recaps all the inaction of frumpy, slovenly keepers of the press corps spirit asking questions of Kevin Damn Sumlin.

RUNNIN' DAT PIGSKIN. Lost in the Auburn turnovers, the Kyle Allen coming out party, and general madness was the steady, timely performance from the A&M rushing attack on Saturday. Spread/Air Raid attacks that can move chains on the ground are something to behold. Here's hoping we build on some momentum and stretch out ponies B. Williams, T. Carson, and T. Williams. Mmkay.

RANKED. The Ags got ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee last night... at #23. Add it to the Belk Bowl resume, gang! Seriously - go follow the Belk Bowl on Twitter. They're great.

LES MILES THAT SCOUNDREL. GBH's cool-as-hell big sister - Holly Anderson of Grantland - did a deluxe Q&A with Les Miles. The man is nothing if not unique and captivating.

WAFFLE HOUSE WAFFLIN'. There is a waffle wager going on with the Waffle Houses in Athens, GA and Auburn, AL for the game this weekend between the Dogs and Tigers. Me? I'm just super miffed that those snooty, Ivory Tower waffle merchants won't do likewise for the deprived in Aggieland. SMH, WH.