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THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of Texas A&M vs Missouri


We all had a pretty rough three game skid there, and to be honest, our situation wasn't looking up after a win over ULM, but WOOOOWEEEEEE WE DID IT!
We marched right into the state of Alabama and knocked off another top ranked team.

The first of our Tiger foes is vanquished. This weekend the Aggies host the second Tiger who comes to Kyle Field leading the SEC Eas..*shuffles papers*

*whispering in the background* this can't be right

Yes, somehow a Mizzou team that managed fewer than 150 yards TOTAL against Florida is, in fact, beating them. They'll need a lot more than 150 yards to keep up with Kyle Allen and the Aggies.

The winter weather is blowing in, so grab a coat, spike your hot cocoa, and swing by...


game info



What a freakin win last week. I do feel badly for Reese Dismukes, though. He suffers from a condition that goes inexplicably unreported by the mainstream media. Yes, those in the press would have you living in a world where this condition lies blissfully under the radar while literally tens of people living suffer in silence. Well, no more. I can not sit idly by and let these centers go without a voice.

Even you, redass Former Student or loyal Aggie fan, have to be asking yourself over and over and over again, "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT THE QB's HANDS AREN'T UP IN YOUR TAINT CANYON, REESE?" Have you ever felt a phantom phone vibration when your phone was across the room, not nestled in your pocket? Well, you see, Mr. Dismukes has developed Phantom QB Hands Syndrome. I hope this epic exhibition of its effects will help lead to more awareness of this butt snap inducing nightmare.

But now the newly invigorated Fightin' Texas Aggies get to take some swings at a thorn in our side from the Big XII, the Missouri Tigers. We have Myles Garrett, the Tigers have Shane Ray. Against Kentucky, Ray broke the Missouri sack record for a single season - with three games still left to play. Praise Xenu that the offensive line woke up last week, so I don't see them resorting to Auburn level methods of stopping a sack machine.


Night falls on Kyle Field as the Aggie football team and staff are going through their pre game rituals. Coach Spavital is expanding his mind by reading a Vice Sports article entitled "More Cushion For The Pushin: Great Night at the Bar or Key Secondary Tactic?" He seems both amused and informed.

Myles Garrett is simultaneously eating a raw deer and doing pushups while Drew Kaser does his best Tong Po impression. Kyle Allen is watching this in awe when Sumlin pulls him away for a quick chat. "Remember what I told you, Kyle?" Sumlin asks his young starting quarterback.

"Yes, Coach!" Allen responds, confidently. "Make smart plays. Protect the football. If Spav calls a toss-sweep from anywhere inside the 5 yard-line, throw it deep to Kennedy or Jones. The camera girl will be more inclined to give me her number if we win."

Aggies - 45
Tigers II - 21







Jarvis Harrison

OL: Has long been the most versatile of the Maroon Goons, but sliding into the key LT spot on the road at Auburn last week boosted the whole line's performance. May you create many pancakes this week and keep Kyle Allen's jersey clean against a solid Tiger pass rush.


Deshazor Everett

CB: Ruptured elbow or no, #29's a human cyborg out there and you know he's always going to give his all. Hoping he can get a couple more TDs this season after ending the drought last week. Spanish or English, either way.


Ivan Robinson

DL: Sticking with the senior theme, Ivan's our lone senior on the defensive line. He's battling injury and may not be able to go versus Mizzou, but his senior leadership has been a key to the DL's recent success as the strength of our very young defense. Senior. Conn, Sonar!


Shane Ray

DE: 12 sacks on the season puts him one ahead of Myles Garrett and tops in the SEC. Should be a fun duel, although Ray does have the slight advantage of being in his fourth year of college football instead of his first but hey who's counting?


Maty Mauk

QB: Hmm, the next Johnny Manziel? No, he is currently 12th in the conference in QB rating, ahead of only Jeff Driskel and Vanderbilt's signal caller du jour. I guess our main concern should be whether or not Occasionally Above Average Maty Mauk decides to show up because that could be bad.


Russell Hansbrough

RB: Another one of those small, shifty backs for Mizzou, he leads the team in rushing although he's not much of a factor in the passing game. Upon dropping a well-thrown ball, Mauk has been heard to exclaim to him "you gotta catch that...I hit you right in the Hansbrough!" OK I'm done now.





Lots of folks have been saying that the ding dang left tackle for Auburn was holding Myles Garrett last weekend. Well they replayed the game on the WatchESPN doohickey, and darned if it wasn't true! Shucks, that crumbum was all over Garrett like a cheap suit - and gosh if that cotton-headed ninny muggins of a referee wasn't looking right at him, for the love of Pete! Aggie fans had better be on the lookout for Missouri players giving Garrett the business, and if they do you let that ref know that he's a real dunderhead!

forward lateral

Forward Throwback

Missouri cornerback Aarion Penton has been suspended for marijuana possession charges. Safety Braylon Webb will be serving a half-game suspension for a targeting penalty against Kentucky. In their places the Tigers will be starting a player with no starts against P5 opponents and another player with no starts at all. Meanwhile, A&M has recently discovered a change in the rule book that allows a "forward lateral" to be thrown past the line of scrimmage, and even attempted to hurl the ball 10 or more yards in the air against Auburn. Look for the Aggies to continue to abuse this new loophole until the rules committee catches on to that tomfoolery.


O.A.S. (Obnoxious Aggie Syndrome)

The yin to BAS's yang, Aggie fans are currently battling a flare up of excessive pride, unfounded smack-talk, and general hysteria after slaying the Team Of Destiny. This isn't a condemnation of such behavior, but an alert to watch for and enjoy it. This is college football. If it made sense or followed logic then you'd just go watch Property Brothers instead. JOHNATHAN AIN'T RENOVATED NOBODY PAWWWWWL.





The SEC West is just the college football version of Final Destination. Several teams upset the natural imbalance by being ranked ahead of the Tide, but now fate is eliminating them one at a time to restore order. Watch as CLANGA survives the first overtime only to trip on a headset cord and drown in a Gatorade cooler.


a.k.a. "What the hell happened?" vs. "What the hell is happening?"


My goodness, it seems like Thanksgiving arrives earlier and earlier every year!


BY cuppycup

GBH Tailgate

We are hosting our second huge GBH tailgate this Saturday for the Texas A&M vs. Mizzou football game. Things will start heating up around the waffle station at 11:00am but stop by whenever, y'all. We'll be tailgating until the game ends. Be sure to RSVP on Facebook so we can see who's coming to the event. We'll have free food, beer, wine, and liquor if you need some extra motivation.

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Candy 95.1

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Advanced Security Concepts

Advanced Security Concepts

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Forza Resources

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Aggie Game Day Rentals

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Tailgate Troubadours

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map to GBH tailgate

RSVP for the Nov. 15 GBH Tailgate



what to wear

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


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There’s bound to be gifs and puns – Takes like a thousand suns?
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You really are grand – Let’s go to Northgate
Who cares if it’s cold outside

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cool art

Thanks to this week's artists @BigOldHoneyBear, @Kellie_Lynn2013, @whoopy07 x 2, @rcb05 x 2, @SpreadsheetAg, @Rob_White13.




The Aggies continue to improve with the defense putting together a more complete game than last week. Myles Garrett causes 4 holding penalties and gets 3 sacks in the game. No PI. Kyle Allen gets more of a shot to turn the ball loose downfield and the receivers don't let him down. Kennedy, Noil, Reynolds and Seals-Jones all net a receiving TD. Aggies win the turnover battle for the second time in two weeks.


What? You think I'm going to write one of these after not writing one worked last week? You're crazy.

twitter elise


What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze, you say? They don't. They have nightmares about Myles Garrett. #GBHTailgate

twitter jlemmons


On gameday the Ags will make the Tigers Missourable. #GBHTailgate

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Can we get Adidas to specially make a tear away jersey for Myles Garrett? #GBHTailgate

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Not surprised to see Kyle Allen on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine this week. #GBHTailgate

twitter pluto


Boy it's too cold outside time for me to pull out that chinchilla lmao fareal


There is no truth to reports that Texas A&M will join the SEC in the spring of 2012. None.