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The DB wishes all a Happy Veteran's Day

And thank you.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, everyone. Taking a little break from the norm today. Here is a brief story:

My grandfather, class of 1950, is the only other person in my immediate family who has gone to Texas A&M University. This is a tremendous bond that we share, but it's nothing compared to the bonds he shared serving his country. He joined the Navy right out of high school in 1943 and was a petty officer on an LST, traveling all over the world during the course of the war. When he got out of the Navy he got through college as quickly as possible, taking summer classes and heavy course loads. He was ready to get on with things.

Take a moment today to think of and thank someone in your family or your life who has done the same. Happy Veteran's Day to everyone, and thank you.