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Myles Garrett in Three Words

Beast Mode Activated

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We reached out to Twitter and Facebook asking for three-word descriptions of freshman sack machine (that was 3 words!!!) Myles Garrett. These are our favorite responses.

Describe Myles Garrett in exactly three words.

Invisible to refs

Tank in disguise

Hates being held

Held every play

Next Von Miller

Defensive Johnny Football

Better Than Clowney

Mizzou is screwed

Heisman Trophy winner

The Force Awakens

A prayer answered

Not Drew Kaser

Beast Rebel [of the] Hellscape

Better Than Advertised

So Red Ass

Sultan of Sack

Grown ass man

Destroyer of Worlds


The next one from a female follower didn't follow the rules, but we liked it anyway.

stacked tall & thick just like I like my pancakes

Add yours to the comments.