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An Auburn reporter diagrammed that goal line fumble recovery. Allow us to retort.

The 247 writer for Auburn says he has evidence that they recovered one of those game-winning drive killers.

Previous editor of and current reporter for Auburn's 247 site, Justin Hokansontweeted that he recorded the events of Auburn's goal line fumble from the sidelines, and provided a diagram to prove that the recovery should have awarded to Auburn.

Hokanson Tweet

Of course this wouldn't be the first blown call in the game, and cuppycup provided Hokanson with evidence diagramming what a missed holding call looks like:

So I went back to the video to see exactly what happened in the scrum. Unsurprisingly, it didn't happen exactly as Hokanson described it, as he fails to mention that Armani Watts was actually the one with his hands wrapped around the ball in the pile, and Julien Obioha, who also had his hands on the ball, pulled both Armani Watts and the ball out with one hell of an effort play. That's too much to type though, so I provided Hokanson with a diagram of the events:

247 exchange

Hokanson would later retort that since Obioha was credited with the fumble recovery, it's clearly Auburn's ball. The line of reasoning here is that since Obioha didn't originally land on the ball, him getting credit for the recovery clearly indicates the the first player who did, Artis-Payne, should have been credited with the recovery.

The problem here is that it still ignores the fact that Armani Watts had his hands on the ball in the scrum, and Obioha pulled both Watts and the ball out. Aside from all of that, none of this matters at all. At the end of the day here's all that matters: Two Aggie players came out of that pile with the ball. Zero Auburn players did. In the other 59 minutes and 55 seconds of the game, A&M scored 41 points to Auburn's 38.

Of course Hokanson's original tweet stated that the picture he tweeted came from his sideline video. That video could tell us who, between the Aggie players, actually recovered the ball.

The request for video was not immediately returned.

Updated - 11/11

Justin Hokanson did indeed upload his video of the fumble, which is embedded below.

Allow me once again to retort.