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Daily Bull 10.9.14

"Oh Lord, don't it feel right tonight, makin' music when you feel just right / And feeling better with every single song / And look around everyone is a friend / And every single one has found his friend so when the chorus comes around they have a body to bone, yeah / Don't it make you wanna dance? Don't it make you wanna smile?" - Jerry Jeff Walker

Joe Murphy

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HOME, HOME AT THE BARN. Hope all the feeling sorry for ourselves is over after getting pantsed in Starkville. We're back at the Hate Barn on Saturday with 106,000 of our closest friends. At night. Get loud. Get loose. Protect this barn.

HOT. COLD. ICY WHITE UNIS AND HANDS. Saturday Down South took the temperature of the Ag program(hopefully not rectally). Some are hot, some are chilly, some are ice.

FAULKNER STUFF. Dr. Camacho is just the best. Take a read of his Faulker-esque prose. I pretend to know what the hell I'm talking about when the topic of Faulkner comes up at debutante balls and New Orleans prisons. I do not know what I'm talking about, but neither did Faulkner.

THESE HOBOS ARE YOUR PLAYOFF COMMITTEE. The playoff is a good thing. A VERY good thing. Do not rest assured however because this thing is decided by humans and humans are the worst. Just check out some of these journo names doing a mock playoff thing in Dallas this week ($ horribly spent):

Yes, this will go smoothly when we have six teams with one loss.

WE ALL MISS COLLEGE, JOHN. Ain't it just a little bittersweet when you think back to college? The parties. The Northgate. The young, supple coeds. Those days are GONE. Even a 21 year old famous Johnny Manziel misses the joys of college life. Said so himself.

Finally, this happened yesterday.

Have a bang-up Thursday, y'all. We