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Aggies in the NFL (kind of): Week 5

It was a slow week for Ags in the NFL, so GBH hit the other performances of note this weekend

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, then. After an overrated chicken, three cupcakes and a hog, the good guys finally met their match this weekend. I made the trip to Starkville to witness the carnage first-hand, and the resulting travel affected my ability to keep tabs on the NFL. So imagine my chagrin when I checked the stats to find out that our Ags in the NFL did...... pretty much nothing. It was a program wide shutdown.

With a loss in our hip pocket and a weekend of poor A&M NFL production to pull from, you'll have to forgive me if I take this weekend's highlights in a different direction.

6) Von Miller (3 tackles, 1.5 sacks, more dancing)

Before I digress, we did have one NFL performance worth noting this week. Von. Ol' reliable. He continues to produce, and he continues to dance.

He's rapidly approaching his old form, and it appears that the sacks (and the dancing) will continue indefinitely.

That's pretty much it, and the remaining notable performances will quickly spiral off-topic.

5) Mississippi Driving (Open containers, great scenery, not Louisiana)

When you're in a car for all of the hours, any roadway advantage is welcome. And Mississippi stepped up big with their official "meh" attitude towards passengers with red solo cups, plentiful casinos, and roads that are, well, not Louisiana roads.*

Louisiana Legos

* For those unfamiliar, driving in Louisiana is akin to asking your car to step on legos while barefoot. For hundreds of miles.

4) Fellow Aggies in enemy territory (Many "gig ems," many class years shared; unlimited drinks/food offered)

One of my favorite things about travelling to road games is the immediate kinship with any Aggie you come across. There's an unspoken "wait, you're an Aggie? I'm ALSO an Aggie! We're now best friends" undertone away from home, and it's awesome.

The "everybody is wearing either maroon or white" issue did complicate this effect slightly, but I met some good people this weekend and it definitely took the sting out of the loss. To those that haven't been on an SEC road trip: go.

3) Katy Perry (One corndog used to reference LSU, one crowd surfing attempt, many correct picks)

Miss Perry was College Gameday's guest picker this weekend, and she was an absolute delight.


She picked MSU over A&M, she picked Ole Miss over Alabama, and she was generally more entertaining than any other Gameday guest I can remember. Especially Kenny Chesney - the country Drake.

Nicely done.

2) Speedy Noil (3 receptions / 50 yards / 2 touchdowns; 6 total returns / 108 yards)

I'm going to bring it back to football to close this week out, because I want to point out a very positive effort in Saturday's loss.

Speedy gave a crap, y'all.

The score, the time remaining... none of it mattered. He blocked his butt off on every play, he made the most of every target, and he threw his all into every punt/kick return of the afternoon. I remember one particular kickoff return down 28, where he just kept churning and it eventually took a small army of Bulldogs to take him down. Down 28.

I don't want to use this as an opportunity to hate on our other receivers, because I don't feel it's productive. I merely want to point out that Speedy absolutely brought it for the full sixty minutes.

1) Jake Matthews (All-around great guy)