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The Morning Shift: Aggies-Bulldogs in Starkville

It's not that early. Let's enjoy some Aggie Football.

Stacy Revere

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING, AGGIE FANS. Yes, it's early. But it's fall, the weather's nice, and there are a slew of fantastic football games on, beginning at 11AM on ESPN with some top-12 maroon-on-maroon action. Here's what we're shooting for by going 1-0 today:

  • become the first team in the country to reach bowl eligibility
  • first time to 6-0 since 1994
  • maintain Sumlin's road warrior reputation
  • one step closer to Atlanta

The team is pumped, they'll be sporting a brand-new uniform combo, and we've got the rest of Saturday to enjoy college football.

Too early for football?

Not a chance. This is a new day for Aggie Football.