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Daily Bull 10.31.14

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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WELL WELL WELL A NEW QB1? Kind of feels like we're about to embark on a NEW season with low expectations, no? Let's see what you got, young Kyle. The Hate Barn is your oyster. Also, a PRO TIP: don't try going drink-for-drink with one John Manziel. Your predecessor did and it ended poorly.

PUCKER YER KEYSTER - CROOTS ARE PEEPIN' ELSEWHERE. Oh man. The 2015 Texas A&M recruiting class is flush with gamers. Gamers we thought were pretty much locks to come to Aggieland. Well, October done kicked us in the mouth and our verbal blue chips are off flirting around the country. We have a lonnnnng way to go until February, but the time to make hay is now for Sumlin and Co.

SEC CHAMPS. DAMN RIGHT, GALS. The soccer team won their second consecutive regular season SEC Championship. The team beat Georgia last night 2-1 at Ellis and is now prepping for the SEC Tourney next week in Alabama. Good bull, young bad asses. I like when A&M kicks ass in traditionally female sports like volleyball and soccer.


Happy 'ween, you beautiful animals. BTHO LaMo.