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Q&A with For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Blog talk, y'all.

Stacy Revere

We got real with the head of SB Nation's Mississippi State site, Justin Sutton, about what's cooking around Starkvegas. Be sure to broaden your myopic worldview and visit For Whom the Cowbell Tolls.

GBH: Can you describe the current buzz around the program and Starkville right now?

Cowbell: Everyone acts as if it was long ago that Mississippi State was a top-15 team, but in reality, the Bulldogs were actually ranked higher at seven games than they are this year.

That said, the difference is that this team feels much more legitimate than the team that started 7-0 and got pantsed a few times down the stretch. Mississippi State fans are excited, but I think they are anxious as well because as good as the SEC West is, it will be easy to finish with three losses and sort of fade away from everyone's memories of the season.

All that said, this feels like a team that could be the corner turner for the Mississippi State program, and that has people very excited.

GBH: When it's all said and done, where do you expect Dak Prescott to rank among the all-time Mississippi State greats?

Cowbell: He will go down as the best quarterback to play at Mississippi State. We run a "Dak against history" type post each week, and he is all over the record book. If he can find a way to get his team to a major bowl game or the SEC championship, he will solidify that status.

GBH: Who are the one or two playmakers on the State defense that we should look for on Saturday?

Cowbell: Preston Smith has been phenomenal this year on the defensive line, winning SEC defensive lineman of the week the first three weeks of the season. The three in a row was a first in the SEC.

Jamerson Love should be a player that Aggie fans remember as he had two interceptions in the matchup last year.

There are also the usual suspects such as Chris Jones and Benardrick Mickinney to watch as well.

GBH: Are Dak Prescott and Kenny Hill the best QBs in the SEC?

Cowbell: The statistics sure say so. They and Nick Marshall might be the only take over the game QBs in the conference right now. They know how to add up the yards and get points on the board.

GBH: Dillon Day: savage mauler of internal organs/external penises - OR - misunderstood teddy bear?

Cowbell: Loaded question here....

I like the idea that he is a porn star and drives a Lamborghini. In all honesty, I'm inclined to take him and Dan Mullen at face value when they said the stomps were unintentional, but it did look bad, especially with his history. Things happen, and the team has to move on without him this week.

GBH: Mississippi State : Ole Miss :: Texas A&M : University of Texas. In 100 words or less, why do you hate Ole Miss?

Cowbell: Is it bad that I don't just hate them?  There was this one joke I started hearing in college...Ole Miss has culture. State has agriculture. That's just the dumbest thing I've ever heard and just makes me state at people. Not so much in hate, but as in who really cares? More than 100 words, I know.

GBH: What's your prediction for Saturday?

Cowbell: I think both teams will hold two-possession leads at some point, and both will rally to tie or retake the lead. I think there will be a decent amount of points scored, and while both quarterbacks will look good, one will really boost his Heisman stock. Give me the Bulldogs 41-31 after a late touchdown drive to ice the game.