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Daily Bull 10.27.14

"Hear the trucks on the highway / And the ticking of the clock / There's a ghost of a moon in the afternoon / Bullet holes in the mailbox / Bullet holes in the mailbox / Key holes in my mind / Too long in the wasteland / Too long in the wasteland / I've fallen behind" - James McMurtry

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

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THE PERFECT STORM. R. Bowen Loftin is often lauded as the conquering hero that led Texas A&M into the Southeastern Conference. But hold the phone - the move has been a universal success, so some other folks with egos need to wet their beaks in the pool of praise! Universities never make decisions efficiently, so of course there was a committee (regents) behind all of this. Hell, we have a committee of 12 people currently trying to find a dog. Anyway, the regents that undoubtedly tout their influence in the move over scotch and stogies would probably be more than happy to castritate Loftin if things hadn't gone so swimmingly. As JFK said:

Victory has thousands of fathers, but defeat is an orphan

TAEKS HOTTER THAN THE SUN. Not much can be proved this weekend against ULM according to this journo. He even went so far as to complete thacktor's WORST CASE SCENARIO from THE TAILGATE:

Yeah, becoming bowl-eligible is important but if the Aggies can't beat ULM at home they don't deserve to go to a bowl

So much venom spewed there. Bulletin board material, IMHO.

HOUSTON FOR BOWL SEASON WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE. Jason Kirk's latest bowl projections have the Ags facing off against Kansas State (horrible match up for us) in gorgeous Houston for the Texas Bowl. Be sure to skip on the visit to NASA and just watch trash float in the bayou instead.

OH YEAH THERE'S A PLAYOFF. It still hasn't fully sunk in for me that we get a CFB Playoff this year. Here's what you need to know described by what seems to be Jeff Spicoli.


Have a lovely start to the week, you guys. Beat the hell outta Louisiana Monroe and Duck Dynasty.