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Sumlin vs. Saban: Round 3

This is your CBS Game of the Week for the third straight year.

Mike Zarrilli

The last two games in this series have been for the ages with the teams being separated by 4 total points, 47 total yards, and 6 total first downs in 120 minutes of play. Two weeks ago, this one was looking like another epic showdown. Now both squads are limping into Tuscaloosa with an aggregate 1-3 record since they were both in the top 6 on October 4.

But this is a battle of wills and philosophies, with Saban and Sumlin approaching the game of football from opposite ends of the spectrum while maintaining a great deal of mutual respect for each other. The chess match in this game will go much deeper than the present strategy on the field.

This is our last game until November. We get some much-needed rest next weekend. Let's make this another trip to Bryan Dennehy Stadium to remember.

Be cool in the comments. cuppycup will be your guide this afternoon.