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IT'S TIME: Rebels-Aggies

The wait is over and it's about to all happen on the field.

I see a bad moon arisin' / I see trouble on the way
I see a bad moon arisin' / I see trouble on the way
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. All eyes are going to be on us tonight, including the largest crowd to ever watch a football game live in this state where everything is always bigger. While elsewhere around the state the Sooners took out the Longhorns and Baylor knocked off TCU in a 61-58 footrace, in our own conference the East continues to baffle everyone, with Kentucky now sitting at 5-1 and Georgia throttling a ranked Missouri 34-0 on the road after losing their best player. And in the West, we continue to bludgeon each other silly: Mississippi State took down Auburn, and Arkansas is currently going toe-to-toe with Bama.

Meanwhile, the crowd has been preparing. The GBH Real Tailgate had a huge turnout and from the live report I got, all seemed to be enjoying themselves. So as night settles onto the stadium and the crowd settles into their seats, those of us at home can take a few minutes to revisit the StoryStream below for our favorite Ole Miss articles this week.

We've got #3 at our house and all the guest rooms are full. Let's give 'em a show.