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The Real Tailgate of GBH: A&M vs. Ole Miss

Pork, beer, and whiskey.

WHAT: GOOD BULL HUNTING TAILGATE with free pork bbq, beer, and whiskey (21+ for alcohol)

WHEN: 4:00pm - close


WHERE: Click here to see the location on Meetball or look at these pictures.


BBQ pits GBH Tailgate

GBH Tailgate Space

WHY: Because we have incredible and generous sponsors and donors to make this all possible! Please visit their websites and follow them on social media to show thanks and make future events like this possible.

Tailgate Troubadours
tailgate troubadours


If you or someone you know would like to set up a tailgate or event and have food provided, Tailgate Troubadours is here for you. They began providing this service in the fall of 2013, but we have been doing this for several years as a group of friends that like to have fun and enjoy the finer things life has to offer. What better than Texas BBQ and Texas A&M football. Let them take care of all the little things while you enjoy all the best things.

Cake Junkie

cake junkie


If you are looking for one-of-a-kind desserts, look no further than Cake Junkie. Cake Junkie specializes in custom cakes and goodies for every occasion! Weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries or just an excuse to get friends together and enjoy sweet treats. No matter what event you are celebrating Cake Junkie can make sure it's a memorable one with delectable desserts. Cake Junkie proudly serves the Brazos Valley where they were voted "Best Cakes" in the Best of the Brazos competition.

Buck Trader

buck trader logo

WebsiteTwitterFacebook is an online deer breeding, game ranching and hunting classifieds website. Whether you are looking for TROPHY EXOTIC and WHITETAIL HUNTS or MONSTER EXOTICS and WHITETAIL DEER for your pasture or deer pens, is the site for you. To explore all BuckTrader has to offer, visit us online at

Taylored Ideas

taylored ideas

Located in Caldwell, Taylored Ideas specializes in customized web marketing strategies that help grow a business. Taylored Ideas provides website development, Internet marketing, social media and web design services that are tailored to today’s fast moving technology. At Taylored Ideas, workers stay on top of rapidly evolving SEO marketing strategies to provide their clients with the best service and results! For more information about Taylored Ideas and their services visit

BCS Vacation Homes

bcs vacation homes logo




Homestead Natural Pork WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Smitty K's WebsiteTwitterFacebook


Brazos Valley Brewing WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Southern Star Brewing WebsiteTwitterFacebook

New Republic Brewing WebsiteTwitterFacebook


COLDCOCK Whiskey WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Rio Brazos Distillery WebsiteTwitterFacebook


Two Funny Girls WebsiteTwitterFacebook