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Podcast #108 - A Good Bull Roundtable College Football Discussion

Some Good Bull Hunting authors share their opinions on the latest Aggie and college football topics.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

These podcasts are always a lot of fun for us to record and put together. Fellow GBH authors Lucas Jackson and Ranger222 joined us on the latest episode at the illustrious Good Bull Roundtable to discuss the latest in hot topics surrounding Aggie Football and the college football landscape.

We talked about the lasting impact of Johnny Manziel's legacy at A&M, his potential in the NFL, the recruiting landscape for Coach Sumlin, expectations for next season, this whole weird and awkward #Stronghorns thing, and we share our thoughts on next year's 4 team playoff. What are your thoughts on our topics? Let us know in the comments. If there's something you want to hear on the next podcast, let us know!

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