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Johnny Manziel to announce NFL Decision today according to ESPN

We'll officially learn Johnny Manziel's NFL plans on Wednesday.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

We've all been waiting for Johnny Manziel to announce his intentions to enter the 2014 NFL Draft, and ESPN's Sam Khan Jr. reports that today Manziel will make his decision public.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reported Tuesday night that Manziel will sign with Houston-based agency Select Sports Group which has represented clients including Derrick Johnson, Brent Celek, and Danny Amendola. For marketing representation, Manziel will reportedly hire Maverick Carter's firm LRMR, the group behind Lebron James' "The Decision" special. Carter is Lebron James' childhood friend and business partner.

While Johnny Manziel moving on to the next level is a foregone conclusion, we'd like to offer Phil Collins and Kyle Field one more opportunity to talk him out of it.