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Daily Bull 1.7.14

Rub those cobwebs from your eyes; we've got months of nothingness to endure together now.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports
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WALP. That's it, then. The SEC's streak is over, although Auburn came closer than most thought they would. Florida State is back or something, and now we're facing down eight full months of that terrible void that just ended four short months ago. How do we cope? A few quick ideas:

  • read a book or 20
  • Netflix
  • date with spouse
  • rediscover outdoors
  • that thing you were supposed to do around house
  • recruiting (WARNING: expires in a few weeks)
  • World Cup (you got lucky this year)

I think I will be trying all of these, and they will all be hollow shells compared to college football, but oh well. We'll be bringing you plenty of stuff here on GBH to help (including basketball!) so don't despair too much.

YESSIR. If you missed out on ESPN's Coach's Film Room option on their MEGACAST last night, you missed quite a show by our own beloved coach. Within an hour, it became clear that he was stealing the show with his succinct analysis and camera savvy. ESPN will promptly bury this format now since it seems to be a legitimate threat to their on-air broadcast. The MEGACAST also brought us this.

Speaking of least the headlines now are avoiding hyperbole. Oh, wait.

The new secondary coach seems to be official news now.

At last. They finally got their guy in Austin. Strong hire?

Have a great Tuesday and off-season. Hold me.