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Daily Bull 1.3.14

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What a week. Went into work Monday morning. Left at noon, hit three airports, a hotel, a dome, a Waffle House, two of those airports again, and home again in around 48 hours. What an experience. Much thanks to jimmygards and thacktor for getting y'all some great DBs this week.

St. Nick: none too jolly today. What the hell happened? Bob Stoops actually showed up in a BCS Bowl, and one he was a heavy underdog in to boot. The Sooners rolled over the Tide 45-31 last night, and oh man if anyone is brave enough to head over to or call into Finebaum in the next couple days please let us know.

SEC...sec. Mizzou will get their shot at Big 12 redemption tonight in the Cotton Bowl against 46 year-old Mike Gundy's men. Back-to-back wins for the n00bs at Jerryworld would be kind of nice so let's go Tigers. Clemson also plays Ohio State in the Orange Bowl at the exact same time because TV execs are pretentious jerks. The last time these two teams met, legendary Ohio State coach and dickhead Woody Hayes punched a Clemson player.

YESSIR. If you missed it yesterday, the #1 WR prospect in the country, Speedy Noil, committed to A&M on TV during the Under Armour All-American game.

UNFORTUNATELY, this came just hours after we learned that Mike Evans will be heading to the NFL. Best of luck to Mike, and here's hoping that RSJ can step in and fill his shoes for the next few years. We're not lacking talent at the WR spot, and Malcome Kennedy should be poised to have an incredible senior year.

Damn you, Rinaldi, stop it. Please watch AJ and AJ. Good Bull, AJs. Have a great weekend, all.