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Daily Bull 1.29.14

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SCREW YOU TRADER! Nothing good ever comes from it, but we see it all the time. cuppycup and TelcoAg did some serious homework to once again show that one should never, ever Tweet at college football recruits because it's dumb.

What's going on here? You may have heard something yesterday about college football players at Northwestern starting a union. Sippin' on Purple, the SB Nation site for Wildcat fans, breaks it down for us.

Hot hoops action. The men will square off against the Gamecocks in Columbia tonight and hooo boy would it be nice to stop this slide. South Carolina is dead last in the SEC and has yet to win a conference game. This, of course, means nothing. The game is available on ESPN3. #SECBasketballFever

Speedy Football. As you may have heard, we already have a new #2 in town.

Don't ever be that guy who runs up to Jim Cantore on air because exaggerating the weather is some really serious business.