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Daily Bull 1.26.14

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It's 'crootin' season. If you don't believe it, just look at the main page. We're flipping guys quicker than Trey Williams flipping into the end zone and we're closing in on NSD with visions of YESSIRs dancing in our heads. No really, make sure you follow @OrionHjarvis if you don't already to keep up with the latest.

Yes, basketball happened this weekend. Or a basketball-like substance. I won't go into to much detail here because the hoops crew has already painstakingly recapped each game for our benefit. Tough work, but good work. They'll be rolling out today.

WARNING THIS IS SCORCHING HOT HANDLE WITH OVEN MITTS: you may want to see Johnny Manziel become a Houston Texan because that would be fun and most of us could go watch him but NOPE that is a virtual impossibility and is never ever going to happen according to this serious NFL analysis right here. To wit:

The best two Manziel comparisons are Cowboys QB Tony Romo and Eagles QB Michael Vick.

Oh yeah: don't ever watch TV with AJ McCarron.

Happy Monday.