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Your university's perception, wants, and needs according to Google Autocomplete

Diving into the world of Google Autocomplete for your college.

We at Good Bull Hunting are big fans of Google's autocomplete feature. "Ask Google" is a regular section in our TAILGATE game previews. This week's "Why is [state] so..." map and Mashable's "What your state wants" feature inspired me to dig into some autocompletes for universities in major athletic conferences.

The Google autocompletes presented are "Why is [university] so...", "[university] wants...", and "[university] needs..." To make this work for schools who share a name with their state, I added "university" to some searches. I also used common abbreviations like "LSU", "TCU", and "NC State" where appropriate. Blank spaces indicate that there was no autocomplete for the search phrase and no one cares about your school.

SEC Why is [university] so...? [university] wants... [university] needs...
Florida soft a new coach
Georgia easy to preserve ...
Kentucky bad at football a new football coach
Missouri to join big 10
South Carolina
Tennessee a new coach
Vanderbilt expensive additional bowl tickets ...
Alabama good football back a kicker
Arkansas les miles a new coach
Auburn bad bama a new coach
LSU good bama a new offensive coordinator
Mississippi State
Ole Miss bad a quarterback
Texas A&M weird the sec to like them a new kicker
Big 12 Why is [university] so...? [university] wants... [university] needs...
Baylor good
Iowa State
Kansas good at basketball bama
Kansas State ranked so high to drop k-state ...
Oklahoma conservative out of big 12
Oklahoma State old (quarterback) LSU
TCU expensive
Texas popular Nick Saban oklahoma to win
Texas Tech ranked so low to fire tuberville
West Virginia easy to get into to know a new coach
BIG TEN Why is [university] so...? [university] wants... [university] needs...
Iowa ...
Michigan expensive to toughen up
Michigan State expensive Tosh.0
Minnesota cheap
Nebraska boring a new coach
Northwestern expensive blind
Illinois expensive
Indiana ranked so low ...
Ohio State hated no part of fsu new defensive coordinator
Penn State great dan mullen death penalty
Purdue bad elections cancelled new football coach
Wisconsin jung park
PAC-12 Why is [university] so...? [university] wants... [university] needs...
California bad at football you gone ...
Oregon good bama new kicker
Oregon State
Stanford special all SAT scores blind
Washington ra
Washington State
Arizona awesome ...
Arizona State big ...
Colorado football so bad ...
Southern California great sumlin to fire lane kiffin
UCLA expensive gottfried new uniforms
ACC Why is [university] so...? [university] wants... [university] needs...
Boston College hard to get into ... blind admission
Clemson much better than south carolina a chance of noise record to leave acc
Florida State good bama to leave acc
Maryland ranked so low to leave acc a point guard
North Carolina State ranked so low ballers
Syracuse expensive
Wake Forest a new basketball coach
Duke good bama a big man
Georgia Tech hard
Miami (Fla.) expensive duke to lose
North Carolina hard to get into SEC wants UNC
Pittsburgh mid year grades their own stadium
Virginia admired (architecture) blind
Virginia Tech violent new offensive coordinator
Independents Why is [university] so...? [university] wants... [university] needs...
Army bad at football iron man suit
Brigham Young cheap
Notre Dame hated black athlete