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Daily Bull 1.24.14

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Happy Friday, Ags. Hope everyone in Texas is doing okay with ARCTIC BLAST 2014. No really, be safe, and if it's icy, try not to drive. It's -7 with a foot of snow at my boss's office, so I don't think we'll get a lot of sympathy, but I'm going to wait it out anyway because ICY ROADS ARE SCARY. If there is a cm of drizzle here the loop is consistently gridlocked, so when it gets icy once every 5 years one can imagine the damage.

Still undefeated. WBB knocked off Mizzou yesterday in Columbia to remain undefeated in conference play. They host #11 Tennessee at Reed this Sunday in an enormous matchup. More details coming soon.

SEC Frosh. Saturday Down South made another top 10 list, and though we didn't have any guys in it, the comments are golden. Particularly this one:

Wow! I can’t believe you forgot to mention "insert player here" from "insert team here", who did "insert impressive feat here" in "insert game here"!! This list is horrible. I am a genius football analyst who watches only my team play, and then probably the SEC game of the week. I then form my own opinions of all SEC players from watching them play a handful times of year. Pass me my beer.

I thought Claiborne might crack it, but since Nkemdiche wasn't even in his top 10, I can see where he's coming from. Both came on strong late in the year, but the rest were mainstays all season. I also like how he preemptively apologizes to Bama fans in the last paragraph because there's a huge conspiracy to keep Bama down, PAWWWLL.

Johnny Statue. Wait, is appears...the conversation has been opened. Never change, Eagle. Do they still do "Today's Smile"? That was my favorite thing to read at Duddley's Draw. Once again, the comments section is full of reason:

Let's see what he does with his presumed NFL career before we immortalize him in bronze.

Yes, because that is relevant to his record-setting collegiate career. Got it.

Your Friday gif: you think it's cold? King's Landing resident, please!