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Daily Bull 1.23.14

Thomas B. Shea
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OH DEAR GOD 31 MORE WEEKS. We have a long way to go until football, you guys. Here's a POWER (pew pew laser noises pew pew) RANKING for the 2014 SEC West. SIXTH? Sumlin is already on the HOT SEAT IMO.

WHAT IF THE SEC AND PAC-12 JOINED FORCES AND TOOK ON THE WORLD? Over at the mother ship, Pete Volk had some yuks and put together the best rosters from a team comprised solely of SEC/Pac-12 studs and a roster of the rest of the conferences combined.

OFF SEASON GONNA OFF SEASON. So, wanna throw stuff off the bridge and argue about college football commentators?

HOOP IT UP, HOMEBOY, JUST LIKE THAT. The gals are at Mizzou tonight and the fellas host Vandy on Saturday.