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Daily Bull 1.22.14

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HOOPYSQUEAKYSHOEFOULS. Men's basketball lost last night to Kentucky in Rupp Arena by 17 points to put things exactly back in place within the Universe, and be damned to the past couple of weeks. Coach Blair's team is on the road at Mizzou tomorrow so they'll most likely win by either 3 or 40 points. #SECBasketballFever

Ohhhh that Seattle one... Lots of gold here by rcb05 again, but yes, that last one, well, just, yeah. Super Bowl trademark conspiracies abound. My personal favorite is of course but that will surprise no one, I'm sure. No news yet on any potential Manziel-motorcycle endorsement deal but I remain hopeful as I believe he has the posture and the desire.

Are we surprised? In a word, no. Patrick Vint has our own #38 listed as one of his breakthrough/surprise All-Americans from 2013. Of course, we knew of his prowess long ago, otherwise we wouldn't have crafted this legendary highlight reel. Two more full seasons of Drew Kaser, ladies and gentlemen, and if you think we're being facetious then just forget it. He's only going to become more valuable as our defense progresses.

Mocking the Draft. SB Nation's latest prediction piece has three of our guys going in the top 10. This would be absolutely phenomenal if it happened, even if it were three in the top 20. We've only had three first-rounders once before, in 1994: Sam Adams (8), Aaron Glenn (12), and Greg Hill (25). That's pretty good company.

Yes, it's only Wednesday. Here is the appropriate reaction.