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Aggies Fall in Rupp: Instant Reaction

Aggies lose 68-51 and things feel like they've gone from bad to worse.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

1. #FreeFabyon

With no J'Mychal Reese on the team anymore, Alex Caruso has filled in as the PG for the team and has done so really well for playing out of position. Fabyon Harris did something Coach Kennedy didn't like and it earned him a seat on the bench for the entire game. We don't know what was done, but it must have been bad to sacrifice that for a conference road game. Kudos to Coach Kennedy for sticking to his guns. I mean, you have to make tough decisions, but these kind of decisions carry a lot of weight when your seat is en fuego.

2. We don't like snow

That's what I'm going with. That has to be the reason. Kentucky was favored by 14 and nobody was predicting an Aggie win, but this was much uglier to watch than the score showed. 37% from the field. 25% from three. 52% from the free throw line. Out-rebounded by 17. Sheesh, that's just terrible. I think the snow impacted the coaching as well. Jordan Green didn't have a great stat night, but he gave Julius Randle fits down low. He picked up 4 fouls, but it's hard to justify sitting one of your non-scorers for so long when the game was getting out of reach so fast in under 10 minutes in the second half. Player rotations have always been a big question mark the last few years though.

3. We can haz Elston pleaz?

I'm just going to post this again because it was awesome, and basically the exact opposite of tonight.

GBH Game Ball:

Alex Caruso and Davonte Fitzgerald both had 12 points tonight to lead the Aggies in scoring. Fitz had 4 points in garbage time and Caruso's 4 turnovers and rough night at the line drop those guys out . I'm going with #2. Shawn Smith was called on to start on a big stage tonight and he responded very well after having a poor showing against Mississippi State. He finished with 8 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and no assists. Couldn't have asked for much more from Smith tonight.