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Daily Bull 1.21.14

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Super Bowl Bound! That's right, the 12th Man is headed to the big show. We took a look into the actual agreement between the Seattle Seahawks and the University and there is plenty to discuss in the comments, believe me.

WELP. That was a bit deflating. The mens' hoops team stumbled quite awkwardly in Starkville on Saturday, losing in OT as well as losing a nice head of steam heading into a tough road game at Kentucky today. WBB, on the other hand, cruised to a 73-35 win at Reed. Not a typo.

Protect this house? Just Johnny Manziel popping up on Under Armour signage in Baltimore, no big deal. Thank you to TelcoAg for the satellite-grade photo of the edge Mr. Manziel's nethergarments. Thorough, as always sir.

Contract notes. The DMN takes a side-by-side look at the contract details of Coaches Sumlin and Strong and here's my initial HOT TAKE: Strong gets three times as many country club memberships but only half the football tickets Sumlin gets.

Have a great Tuesday, and we'll miss you, Curious Index. You gave us many things, perhaps none greater than the #CJK5H movement. May the Morning Constitutional be just as prolific.