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By the Numbers: Duke

We didn't forget!

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

1. Punt attempts, combined. Kaser got blocked for the first time. Go ahead and make him mad for next year.

2. Turnovers in the game. Both were interceptions by our seniors, and both of them iced the game, so both were beautiful. But Hurd's was one of the more special interceptions in recent memory.

3. Labhart TDs. Did you know that he used to be a sc---- nah, I'm not going to do it. We'll miss him next year, though.

4. Receptions by Evans, for 72 yards. He had a shaky start, but eventually found his rhythm in what was maybe? probably? his final one as an Aggie.

5. Total TDs by Johnny. The O/U pick on THE TAILGATE was 4.5, and there were some non-believers [cough cuppycup and Spreadsheet cough]

6. Catches by Derel Walker, including that 44-yard TD bomb. Talk about a strong finish to a career: the senior's 113 yards in the bowl game gives him over 800 for the season, a solid second behind Evans.

7. Tackles by Steven Jenkins. He had a TFL as well, a solid sendoff for another senior.

8. Incompletions by Manziel. 30-38 for 382 and 4 TDs with 0 picks. Yawn.

9. Third down conversions by Duke out of 15 but oh how it seemed like so many more.

10:04. Time of possession advantage for Duke. Fran would be ashamed.

And finally:

20. The number of Chick-fil-A Bowl records that were tied or broken on Tuesday.


  • Total points scored: 100, Texas A&M 52 vs. Duke 48
  • Most yards total offense: 1202, Texas A&M 541 vs. Duke 661
  • Most net yards passing: 809, Duke 427 vs. Texas A&M 382
  • Most first downs: 59, Texas A&M 30 vs. Duke 29
  • Most passes completed: 59, Texas A&M 30 vs. Duke 29
  • Fewest fumbles: 1 (tie), Texas A&M vs. Duke 1
  • Fewest fumbles lost: 0 (tie), Texas A&M 0 vs. Duke 0


  • Total points scored: 52, Texas A&M
  • Most points by losing team: 48, Duke
  • Most points in a half: 38 (tie), Duke
  • Most net yards total offense: 661, Duke
  • Most first downs passing: 20 (tie), Texas A&M
  • Most touchdowns passing: 4 (tie), Texas A&M


  • Most points scored: 18 (tie), Travis Labhart, Texas A&M
  • Most touchdowns scored: 3 (tie), Travis Labhart, Texas A&M
  • Most touchdown passes: 4 (tie), Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M
  • Most touchdown passes caught: 3, Travis Labhart, Texas A&M
  • Longest interception return: 55 yards, Toney Hurd, Jr, Texas A&M
  • Most return yards, interceptions: 55 yards, Toney Hurd, Jr, Texas A&M
  • Most conversions kicking: 7 (tie), Josh Lambo, Texas A&M

(courtesy Chick-fil-A Bowl)


A reason to celebrate.