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Daily Bull 1.16.14

"He's on fire!" - NBA Jam

Sean Gardner
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CORPS SLAMMA JAMMA. Whoa, gang. The hoops team continues their quiet little roll toward world domination or at least a nice NIT seed. The fellas stuck it to the Cocks last night at Reed with a 75-67 W to move to 3-0 in league play. Our man Derek has the post-game nuggets for your consumption.


CLANGA. No time to bask in the glory of the W, men. A tough roadie awaits with a visit to Starkvegas on Saturday. Keep them browsers tuned to GBH for plenty more hoops chatter leading up to the tilt.

TEXANS GONNA FLEX THAT 2ND AMENDMENT, Y'ALL. OOPSIES! Ryan Tannehill's lovely old lady mistakenly left their piece in the trunk of a rental car at Fort Lauderdale International Airport and by "piece" I mean "big, beautiful poaching tool". Unrelated, I really need a Tannehill-Jorvorskie Lane South Florida buddy cop movie in my life STAT.

SHHH MEL KIPER JR. IS TALKING. Mr. Helmet Hair has never ever been wrong and he has a certain #2 at #1 in his latest mock draft. Buckle up, you guys. Draft chatter is about to explode and you're going to hear some really, really lazy analysis on ol' Johnny Boy leading up to April.

YOUR COLLEGE FOOTBALL RATION FOR TODAY. Some dude named Steven Lassan predicts how things will shake down in 2014 for the SEC. Stevie ain't too good bullish on the Ags. I'm quietly optimistic myself.


SUP, KOACH. Our amigos at Viva the Matadors scored a pretty cool interview with our kool older brother Kliff Kingsbury. He talks a little Johnny.

AND FINALLY. This Johnny video is something else. There will never be another quite like him.

Make it one hell of a Thursday.