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Aggie Hoops Kool-Aid Reaction: 3-0

Some quick thoughts on the win over South Carolina.

Jamie Squire

1. Consistency, the good and bad kind

And not in a good way. The Aggies were consistently terrible at the start of both halves to make this game way more difficult than it should have been. Credit to Frank Martin and his mafia team for playing about as good of a game as they could on the road. They played a gritty game that Aggies fans can relate to from the BCG days, and it definitely took us a while to adjust to it. With that said, the Aggies were able to battle through and consistently overcome the sloppy play to keep the game close and eventually put it away late.

2. Oh hi there Reed Arena

It was nice to see Reed Arena rocking again. Seeing tweets from students saying they've never seen Reed that packed is depressing since it wasn't that full. A conference win at home with the exciting finish at the end had Reed rocking, and that will only help build attendance going forward. I missed you, Reed Arena.

3. On Court Chemistry

Alex Caruso and Jamal Jones are starting to develop a really nice chemistry on the court together. Those two are absolutely taking over as the stars of the team. That's helping make way for stars-in-the-making like Davonte Fitzgerald who had another big game tonight. They're young and still learning how to play together, but that's a really talented, really fun core of three guys for the Aggies to have moving ahead in SEC play.

The Good Bull Game Ball

Tonight's Good Bull Game Ball is a little off the beaten path. Jamal Jones had a helluva game with 22 points and a critical 9-12 from the charity stripe. The player of the game for me was Freshman Shawn Smith. Smith had a career high 14 points on 2 for 2 shooting from behind the arc, and an equally critical 6-8 performance from the charity stripe. Smith's frustrations on the season had been pretty clear, so here's to hoping tonight gets the young fella back on track.

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