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Daily Bull 1.15.14

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IT'S WEDNESDAY. That means hoops, and the gentlemen will be taking on South Carolina tonight at Reed. Your full extensive preview coming up soon, so don't worry. Oh and also Arkansas beat Kentucky last night, which means, oh holy beelzebub there are only two SEC teams undefeated in conference play one is #7 Florida and you can guess the other. We'd better win tonight against the Cocks, guys, to keep this magic streak alive a bit longer. Please make us believe.

Farewell, Saban. It's old, but it's good. Barking Carnival bids farewell to their afore-knowledged pipe dream of getting Nick Saban as a coach with the perfect gif. Go for the Tyrion-as-Nick gif, stay for the very instructive discussions on the most luxurious super secret "meditation" places in Austin. I did.

ALL. the monies. There are some more specifics laid out here about Charlie Strong's contract, but it would seem like KDS has beaten him to the punch on a couple of them. Basically, KDS set the standard last year when he was co-coach of the year in the SEC with...Will Muschamp. So, yeah, go first-year coaches. [shrugs] [gets excellent recruits].

NO, REALLY, TUNE IN. Coach Kennedy and the boys take on South Carolina tonight at Reed. We told you how to watch in yesterday's DB in a secret glimpse. But please, check it out if you can.