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Daily Bull 1.14.14

Manziel just texted David Pollack a rickroll video
Manziel just texted David Pollack a rickroll video
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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Early Times. ICYMI yesterday, we have seven early enrollees from the latest killer recruiting class, including Speedy Noil, Kyle Allen, and a bunch of linemen. [Coach Jackson steeples his fingers; cackles maniacally in his office.]

Signing those papers. Johnny Manziel has chosen an advisory team to help guide him through the process of becoming a pro. He has also quit football on the advice of LeBron James to focus on golf and basketball and will be training in the remote Himalayan foothills under the name "Steen Gatlinberg" to gain inner peace. No further specifics on the extent of the definition of "off-field projects."

MUST SEC TV. Here are the channel listings for local affiliates running the MBB game against South Carolina tomorrow night. you can also see it online on WatchESPN.

Extremely important lessons here from the mothership: how to judge sports athletes based on how they wear their hats.

Archer Vice? Archer Vice.