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Aggie Hoops Power Rankings: Week 11

After a 2-0 start to conference play, how much have our Power Rankings changed?

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you had the Aggies starting off conference play with a 2-0 record. Anyone? Anyone at all? With two pretty bad teams coming up this week for Coach Kennedy and crew, the Aggies are staring at a chance to be 4-0 when the week is up. With all of that said, let's see how our Power Rankings have been shaken up as voted on by DerekAggie06, gigthem08, and JDMyatt.

Aggie Hoops Power Rankings: 1/13/2014
1 Alex Caruso
#21 Guard
Previous Rank: 4
Currently leading the SEC in assists and fourth in steals. He's becoming the General for this Aggie Hoops team.
2 Jamal Jones
#23 Guard
Previous Rank: 1
He's the scoring leader on the team. His evolution as a scorer put the Ags in position to get the road win over Tennessee.
3 Fabyon Harris
#12 Guard
Previous Rank: 5
The team has taken on new life with Fabyon in the starting lineup. Let's see more of what we saw from him against Arkansas.
4 Kourtney Roberson
#14 Forward
Previous Rank: 2
His post defense has been incredible against his toughest competition of the young season. That's keeping him high on our list despite a dip in scoring production.
5 Jordan Green
#5 Guard
Previous Rank: 6
Without a doubt the emotional leader on the team. His fearlessness on offense only leads to one "Holy @#$%" play per game.
6 Davonte Fitzgerald
#15 Forward
Previous Rank: 3
Fitz would have been higher if not for his ineffectiveness in the Tennessee game. His athleticism and scoring ability will be key in conference play.
7 Antwan Space
#24 Forward
Previous Rank: 7
HOLY GAME WINNING THREE POINTER! His toughness is helping anchor the Aggie defense down low.
8 Tavario Miller
#4 Forward
Previous Rank: 8
Tavario saw his most significant minutes against some really tough matchups in the Tennessee game. He had some struggles, but held his own and is showing some much needed post depth for the Ags.