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Daily Bull 1.10.14

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WHOOP. The WBB team knocked off #12 LSU on the road last night, 52-48. Full recap from jimhu coming soon. They play again Sunday at #25 Georgia.

G.O.A.T. Hypno-Toad says what we all already knew, but couldn't quite put into words: Johnny Manziel changed Aggie football forever.

Speaking of which, Johnny and LeBron will apparently be working together now. How long until there is a "LeBronny Basketball" t-shirt? Oh, good grief, someone's going to make these now aren't they.

Yeah, we covered this yesterday, but Ced is coming back for a fourth year. WHOO-F'n-OOP. I personally think this is better than any recruiting news. We've got a first-round NFL-caliber left tackle to build an offense around. What's your prediction for the starting line? Maybe Ifedi/Harrison to RT, Gramling and Harrison/Ifedi at guard, with Mike M at center again? Please share.

Have a great one, everybody. May your Fridays be like these two barrels.