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Longhorn Meltdown Time: Texas A&M 52, Duke 48 (NSFW)

In this blatant rip-off of Roll Bama Roll's Meltdown Time series, we chronicle the Longhorn meltdown over A&M's comeback victory in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. We looked to OrangeBloods and the 45 PAGE thread on ShaggyBevo for most of these comments.


The evening began with jubilation.

This is one of the biggest beat downs in college football history. Total annihilation.
I think we would have beaten A&M...
Dear Baby Jesus, Make aggy go aggy so that their tears can flow like the waters of the Tigris and the Euphrates.
This. Is. Awesome.
HOT DAMN DUKIES! Saddle up this is setting up to be an epic night! Who are those guys!
Manziel is such a fraud. I'm sure he thinks his $#@! looks like leadership. It actually looks like a whiny piece of $#@! being a whiny piece of $#@!.
BEAUTIFUL! A late Christmas present!
Poor Aggy!
Is Johnny crying?
How many times can you ejaculate in one night?
Recruits: looks like some of yall need to change your mind. Better off coming to Texas
Move over Boise/OU and USC/Texas. This is the greatest bowl game ever.
The aggy misery has rarely been this pure. No wonder people overdose on it.

The Aggie comeback changed the mood.

Manziel really is a punk. NFL dudes are gonna kill him if he tries that bush smack talk.
Duke got $#@!ing cute and all the momentum has switched sides. Run the $#@!ing ball down their throats.
Whoever is calling plays for Duke should be dragged out and shot. This is some of the worst second-half play-calling I've seen in years.
what the hell is this $#@!?
Want to call some $#@!ing holding.
I may have to stop watching if they come back. Fake Johnny and his fake drama.
Duke is full of dumbasses and pussies. it's like watching us
This is already a loss for aggy. Eeking out a win over Duke with your best player evar who is leaving is not a win.
All these great plays that lead to 0 conference championships and no bcs bowl appearances.
Duke going full retard. Pussies.
Screw job. How the $#@! do you conclusively overturn that $#@!?
This Manziel guy kinda seems like a douche, no???
A comeback was needed to maximize misery. Now Duke needs to rip their hearts out....were all counting on you Laetner.
aggy misery is sweeter when they get the lead late with a momentum-changing play...
Duke got $#@!ed.
Duke can suck a $#@!ing $#@!.
Nice officiating
Duke is getting jobbed.
Aggies are actually chanting "SEC, SEC." What a bunch of tools.
$#@!ing duke. Aggy should be embarrassed it was that hard to beat them.
$#@!ing $#@!.
Go $#@! yourself, Dook. Can't wait until they go back to the usual 1-2 wins a year.
What a $#@!ty way for that game to end.
$#@! aggy, that is all
We'll see how Aggy does next year without Johnny Football.
Manziel to the Browns
Really? Manziel is the "most exciting player of a generation?" God, I want to punch Jesse Palmer in the $#@!ing mouth.
Aggy should be proud to beat a basketball school.
Congrats aggy for barely escaping against the #24 team. Whoop.
9-5 while scraping out a win over a $#@!ty ass Duke team. GIVE HIM ANOTHER RAISE.
Chick Fil A bowl champs. Yippee.
How many National Championships does Aggy have now?
Yep, over rule a catch and then two non calls on possible PI. Have to protect the SECSEC.
The Aggy football program will silently slip back into obscurity, when JFF leaves....the cameras will go with him
What I can't wait for is to see Johnny Jizz Gulper try that scramble and run $#@! in the Show. He's already proven he's fragile so he will get decapitated by some NFL safety, I guarantee it.
It's $#@!ing duke and they act like it means something. Our win over Oregon state was better.
I hate the aggys with a similar burning sensation of anus surgery without anesthesia but I do love watching that little chimpanzee QB get out of those tough situations. It will be fun watching him get decapitated in the NFL.
Only Aggy would declare a come from behind win against duke with their greatest player ever as an epic game. How sad is it that of you are Aggy, this is as good as it gets.