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Daily Bull 9.9.13

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HELLO AND WELCOME TO BAMA WEEK. The pulverizing off-season is over, the agonizing first two weeks are done, and now it's time for this young team to shine and prove that last year was not a flash in the pan. The big boys are coming to college station, and Good Bull Hunting will be your definitive guide to all things Aggie football for the next several days. So buckle up and enjoy it, folks. TROLL ****ING TIDE.

Johnny Cam. And away we go. CBS is devoting one of their cameras solely to #2 this week. Sumlin must be thrilled. I love this:

Silver said CBS viewers should not expect a dissertation on the off-the-field issues surrounding Manziel during the CBS game broadcast. "By the time we get to kickoff, this thing will have been talked about ad nauseam throughout the sports world," Silver said.

Because it hasn't been enough yet?

New podcast. Tune in later this morning as the guys discuss SHSU, recruiting, and that other thing coming up in a few days. And the Bullhorn will be coming to you tomorrow as well. ALL THE MEDIA.

Have a great Monday and good luck getting anything done this week.