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By the Numbers: SHSU

Well, that was nice.

Nate gets six for the defense
Nate gets six for the defense
Bob Levey

1. DTD. This was my favorite play on the night. Great to see Askew come up with the big play after switching to defense as a senior.

2.TALKING JOHNNY. #2 was allowed to speak to the press following the game. Not sure if he signed any autographs.

3. TFLs by Tommy Sanders. He showed some nice flashes of playmaking ability and looked better than he did against Rice.

4. Touchdowns allowed. This was not encouraging, particularly the two long ones (68 yard run and 75 yard pass). [looks at schedule] [tugs collar]

5. Touchdowns scored in the third quarter. I'm thinking Coach Sumlin had some things to say in the locker room at halftime.

6. Days left until the epic game of the millenium.

7. Catches by Mike Evans for 155 yards. Keep feeding the Beast.

8. Approximate number of times I found myself saying "stupid Flanders" in a Homer Simpson voice when the Bearkat running back got loose. I forget who initially posted that this week, but congratulations. Your prophecy was fulfilled.

9. Penalties. On the entire season. This is really impressive for any team through their first two games, but with so many true freshmen playing this speaks volumes for the discipline this coaching staff has instilled.

10. Kickoffs by Bertolet. His touchback rate was 90%. I'M TELLING YOU IT IS THE HAIR. The missed XP was a botched hold so go easy on the guy for now. You could see Sumlin telling him "that's not you" as he came to the sideline.

477. Total passing yards. Johnny and Kenny made for a pretty exciting 1-2 punch.

BONUS: the more you know. I liveblogged the Duke-Memphis game for SB Nation yesterday, and in doing so I discovered that starting guard Germain Ifedi's older brother Martin is a pretty dang good football player too. He's a defensive lineman for Memphis and is on the Lombardi Watch List.

BONUS BONUS: the PPV broadcast featured a slew of Aggie dignitaries being interviewed by Kayce Smith on the sidelines. Here are my thoughts on each:

  • Track & Field Coach Pat Henry: sweaty and humble
  • President R. Bowen Loftin: no one else could rock a bowtie in the rain in 100 degree heat
  • Men's Basketball Coach Billy Kennedy: is from the future
  • Women's Basketball Coach Gary Blair: chill factor is off the charts
  • Volleyball coach Laurie Corbelli: why wasn't she wearing boots like her players?